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Refact Documentation

Refact is an open-source AI coding assistant for VS Code and JetBrains.

It allows you to use various open-source (like Code Llama) and closed-source (like GPT-4) Large Language Models (LLMs) for code completion, code refactoring and chat.

Self-hosted Refact allows you to personalize code LLMs for code completion with an intuitive Web UI.


To get started, follow the guides:


Refact allows you to restrict access to particular files or projects, ensuring that your private code or confidential files are protected.

We never store your code on the server side.

Read more about privacy settings in the Privacy Documentation.

More Resources

Discord server

To get assistance from the Refact community and team members, join the Discord server.


FAQ segment covers the most popular questions about Refact.


To set up Refact for development, follow the Contributing Guide and check the available issues on GitHub.