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How to Contribute

Install for Development

Clone this repo and install it for development:

git clone
pip install -e refact/

To run the whole server, use:

python -m self_hosting_machinery.watchdog.docker_watchdog

For debugging, it’s better to run HTTP server and inference processes separately, for example in separate terminals.

python -m self_hosting_machinery.webgui.webgui
DEBUG=1 python -m self_hosting_machinery.inference.inference_worker --model wizardlm/7b
DEBUG=1 python -m refact_scratchpads_no_gpu.infserver_no_gpu longthink/stable --openai_key sk-XXXYYY

That should be enough to get started!

If you plan to make changes, you need your own fork of the project — clone that instead of the main repo. Once you have your changes ready, commit them and push them to your fork. After that you should be abloe to create a pull request for the main repository.

Adding Toolbox Functions

UPDATE: toolbox is under reconstruction.

Install Linguist

For fine tuning, files go through a pre filter. Follow instructions in to install it.

If you don’t plan to debug fine tuning, you can skip this step.